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We have experience of organising family type of events and markets in the UK in various parts of the country including areas in Cheshire, Essex, Warrington, Scotland and Nottingham. We have worked with many businesses including Subway, Co-op travel, Orbit Developments, Majestic wine, housing associations, local newspapers, charities and dance groups. We have have had MP's including Former MP George Osborne visit our events and also MP Mary Robinson and MP David Rutley also visit and have had stalls at our events. Also visits from the Mayor of Cheshire East Council and Stockport Borough Council. We have also been in the local newspaper with press releases including Manchester Evening News, Wilmslow Guardian, Wilmslow Rxpress, Cheshire Independant, Macclesfeild Epxress and we have also featured live on Radio stations such as BBC Manchester Radio

Services we offer

Online social media advertisement of your event starting from £499

license management £70

Event listing on specialised sights £250

Stallholders for events £250

Entertainment for events such as costume hire and attractions prices start from £290.

We also offer commercial, residential and bespoke leaflet distribution in Cheshire. Please visit Leaflet Distribution Cheshire Page.

"All rich business owners have great marketing systems. All poor business owners don't" Chris Cardell Multimillionaire business owner who have helped many businesses to prosper.

A little bit about us. In the past we organised family type of events/markets in the UK in various parts of the country. We have now offered to help businesses with marketing as were getting approached by many businesses. We have been organising events in and around the UK, mainly family events, craft fairs, part of switch on events and so on. We are Cheshire based. We organised the Cheadle Hulme Family Markets and we have small and large businesses who sponsored us for example Royal Canin / Pets Corner, Majestic Wine, Co-op Holidays and many more. We are also supported by members of parliment and we had great coverage from the local radio and Newpapers in the area.

Attractions for your event - details below

If you are an event looking to add attractions to the event or to attract more people to your business premise. You will be interested in costume hire which costumes make special appearances to bring in the crowds, Costumes have attended family markets, fairs, craft fairs, charity events. Also farms, fundraising events, switch on events, parties, businesses such as pharmacies, supermarkets and so on. Also hired for weddings, christenings, nurseries, play centres, hotels, pubs, town centres and so on. Our services have also been used by celebrities for parties. Please do note hesitate to contact us. please visit for more information or complete the form below.


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